Workflow Setup

To setup a point cloud partitioner workflow, add a File Chooser step (or another step that provides a Zinc point-cloud EX file) and a Point Cloud Partitioner step to the workflow area. Edit the File Chooser step configuration to specify the Zinc EX file that contains the point cloud to be grouped. Once this step has been configured, connect its output port to the first input port of the Point Cloud Partitioner step - as in :num_ref:`fig-generate-sds-workflow`. If you also have a Zinc mesh EX file associated with the point-cloud, you can pass this to the partitioner plugin through its second input port. For this demonstration we have chosen to use an additional File Chooser step to pass the mesh file. The partitioner step will be configured by default as it doesn’t have any configuration settings to be set. What you connect the Point Cloud Partitioner step output port to depends on your objective. In :num_ref:`fig-generate-sds-workflow` we have connected the output port to a File Location Sink step - allowing us to define a local directory where the output file will be saved.


Fig. 33 Generate SDS workflow connections.

Once we have the workflow set up, save it and click the Execute button to start the Point Cloud Partitioner GUI.