Create Workflow


MAP is currently under active development, and this document will be updated to reflect any changes to the software or new features that are added.

Create New Workflow

To get started with MAP we need to create a new workflow. To do this we use File ‣ New ‣ Workflow menu option (Ctrl-N shortcut). This option will present the user with a directory selection dialog. Use the dialog to select a directory where the workflow can be saved.

To create a meaningful workflow, we need to use some external plugins. If you installed MAP Client using Pre-Built Binary plugins are already embedded. Otherwise, you need to install some plugins first.

Place Plugins

To place plugins we use Drag ‘n’ Drop to drag steps from the Step box and drop the step onto the workflow canvas. When steps are first dropped onto the canvas they show a red gear icon to indicate that the step is not configured.


Fig. 4 The left plugin is not configured and has a red gear; the right one does not need to be configured and has a green gear.

Configuring Plugins

To configure a step we can either right click on the step to bring up a context menu from which the configure action can be chosen or simply click the red gear directly. See the relevant section for the configuration of a particular step.


Fig. 5 Plugins all configured.

After configured, the gear will turn green.


When configuring a step you are asked to set an identifier. The identifier you set must unique within the workflow and it must not start with a ‘.’.

Executing the Workflow

To execute the workflow we need to connect up the steps in the correct manner and save (Ctrl-S shortcut) the workflow. If you didn’t Create New Workflow before Place Plugins, a directory selection dialog will be presented to select a directory where the workflow can be saved.

Clicking the execute button will, naturally enough, execute the workflow step by step. You will see the following dialog if the workflow finished successfully.


Fig. 9 Workflow finished dialog.

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