Multiple File Chooser


The Multiple Multiple File Chooser is a MAP Client plugin for choosing multiple files from the local disk.

Workflow Connections

As shown in Fig. 86, the Multiple File Chooser does not need any input.

It produces 1 output which may be piped to other workflow steps:

  1. A list of locations where the files are on the local disk. (Port: A list-of

Multiple File Chooser workflow connections.

Fig. 86 Multiple File Chooser workflow connections.


This step is used for selecting multiple files and providing them as a list of filenames. Use the Add button to choose a directory to select files from. Use the Remove button to remove selected files. Use the Remove ALL button to remove all files listed.

Step configure dialog

Fig. 87 Multiple File Chooser step configuration dialog.

The Add button opens a directory chooser dialog. Once a directory is chosen the Fig. 88 is shown to choose which files to load from the directory.

The Load directory files dialog has a file filters input where basic regular expressions can be entered to filter the files that are to be added. For example, *.py will filter all files ending in .py, commonly Python files. The Load directory files is aggressive, in that it will recurse into sub-directories to find files that match the filter expression. If no filter expression is entered, then all files found in the directory and sub-directories will be added.

Load directory files dialog

Fig. 88 Multiple File Chooser step load directory files dialog.