Install MAP Client

The MAP Client software is a Python application that uses the PySide2 Qt library bindings.

There are three main ways of getting the MAP Client installed on your operating system.

For people who are only running existing workflows the suggested installation method is Install Using Pre-Built Binary.

For plugin developers the suggested method is to Install Using Pip or Install Using Git.

The MAP Client relies heavily on plugins to do anything interesting. If you Install Using Pre-Built Binary you get everything you need, however you can only use plugins that have all the dependencies already available to the binary. At this time you cannot add dependencies that a new plugin may or may not require to work. If you Install Using Pip or Install Using Git, you can either create these yourself or add already available ones to your application by downloading them and using the Plugin Manager Tool in the MAP Client, read the documents MAP Features Demonstration and MAP Plugin Creator Wizard to learn more.


Install Using Pre-Built Binary

For Windows there is an installer application available from:

Download and install the package.

Install Using Pip

Pip is a tool for installing and managing Python packages. To start using pip, you should have Python installed on your system.

The MAP Client framework is also written in Python and tested against Python 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9. It should work with any of these Python libraries.

We recommend adding the Python and Python\Scripts folders to your system PATH.

Pip is automatically installed if you downloaded Python from If not, detailed instructions are available here:

After installed Python and Pip, we can install MAP Client with the following command from the command line:

pip install mapclient

The MAP Client application should now be installed on your system. It can be launched from the command line with this command:


which should result in an application window similar to that shown below.


Install Using Git

Git is a distributed revision control tool. GitHub utilizes Git for open source project hosting, this is where the MAP Client source code is situated. To get ‘git’, use your system’s package management system to install it. If you are using windows you can download and install it from:

Then, use Git to clone the MAP Client source code to your system:

git clone

Finally, run the MAP Client setup script to install it:

pip install .

Note that the line above should be run from the same directory as the previous command.

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